Frequently Asked Questions About Enrichment Programming

We have created this page to answer the questions we get asked most often about our enrichment programs.  However, if you have a specific question that you would like to see addressed, please feel free to contact one of the staff members listed on the "Contact Us" section on the left side of the page.

No. The Lake Bluff School District believes in developing student’s abilities through learning opportunities, rather than labeling a student and placing them on a restrictive track. We believe that it is more important to invest in the design, implementation, and growth of specific instructional programs to meet the needs of high-ability learners, rather than in conducting a screening program that limits who can participate in advanced learning opportunities.

Yes. Universal screening occurs in PreK through 8th grade.  The district uses data from MAP, PARCC, formative assessments and end of unit assessments to help us identify students’ gifts and talents in a variety of areas. In addition, students are given the CoGat, an assessment designed to measure academic aptitude, as Second Graders. The Schoolwide Enrichment model insures students can receive instructional modifications and accommodations regardless of grade or area of talent.

*NAGC: All students in grades PK-12 have equal access to a comprehensive assessment system that allows them to demonstrate diverse characteristics and behaviors that are associated with giftedness.

Parents should first speak to their child’s classroom teacher. Here are questions you might ask…

  1. Tell me about the academic goals you have for my child. (Share your goals as well…)
  2. Is anything getting in the way of my child achieving those goals?
  3. Can you talk to me about other talents you see in my child and how you might address them?
  4. How can we support you?
  5. How can we help at home?

If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our enrichment specialists (using the link to the left).  We are happy to help.

Services can begin as early as PreKindergarten. The Schoolwide Enrichment Model ensures that teachers and Enrichment specialists are in constant communication regarding students that may need instructional modifications.  In most cases, Enrichment services are delivered through the classroom teacher with the support of an Enrichment Specialist.

Yes.  Acceleration, moving through curriculum faster than usual,  typically occurs in Lake Bluff School District in these ways;
  • ‘grade-skipping’ meaning the student accelerates past one whole grade
  • Early entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade
  • Subject area acceleration- meaning the student is accelerated in one subject area but remains with age-peers for other academic areas.
Click the Acceleration Page on the left to learn more information.

Parents should first speak to their child’s classroom teacher.
If you are interested in additional information you might also be interested in reaching out to the building principal. Additionally, our Enrichment specialists are happy to help.  Use the "Contact Us" links on the left side of the page to contact any of the members of our enrichment team.

Parents Interested in Enrichment (PIE) is our parent group that meets on a regular basis.  Click here to join the contact list.