Meeting Dates

Regular School Board meetings are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Lake Bluff Village Hall, 40 E. Center Avenue.  The Committee-of-the-Whole meetings are usually held on the Tuesday two weeks prior to the regular school board meetings at 7:00 pm in the Lake Bluff Village Hall, 40 E. Center Avenue.  Changes or additional meetings are posted regularly on the entrance to the school district office, which is located at 900 North Shore Drive in Lake Bluff.  Meetings are televised live within the boundaries of the Village of Lake Bluff on Comcast channel 19 and rebroadcast throughout the week.  Videos of the meetings are made available on the District website within 10 days of the meeting.

Lake Bluff School District 65 is subject to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as well as Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who require certain accommodations in order to allow them to attend and/or participate, or who have questions regarding the accessibility of the meeting or the facilities, are requested to promptly contact the School District's ADA/Section 504 Coordinator at 847/234-9400.

2013/2014 Meeting Schedule

July 23, 2013  (Regular/Televised)
August 13, 2013  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
August 27, 2013  (Regular/Televised)
September 10, 2013  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
September 24, 2013  (Regular/Televised)
*October 15, 2013  (Committee of the Whole)
October 22, 2013  (Regular/Televised)
*November 5, 2013 (Committee of the Whole)
November 12, 2013  (Regular/Televised)
December 10, 2013  (Regular/Televised)
January 14, 2014  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
January 28, 2014  (Regular/Televised)
February 11, 2014  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
February 25, 2014  (Regular/Televised)
March 11, 2014  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
March 18, 2014 (Regular/ Televised)
April 8, 2014  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
April 22, 2014 (Regular/Televised)
May 13, 2014  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
May 27, 2014  (Regular/Televised)
June 10, 2014  (Committee of the Whole/Televised)
June 17, 2014  (Regular/Televised)

* This meeting will be held at:
Lake Bluff Middle School
Library Media Center
31 East Sheridan Place
Lake Bluff