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Lake Bluff School Board 65 announces a $2 million net savings to taxpayers

10-23-2013: At its October 22, 2013 meeting, the Lake Bluff District 65 Board of Education unanimously approved the restructuring of existing school bonds. This is expected to save the District slightly over $2 million over the remaining term of the bonds.

The action uses $5.75 million from the Education Fund to pay toward the debt.

The existing bond structure, which includes the 2008 school referendum bonds and the 2010 refunded bonds, were combined into one bond structure by taking advantage of the current low bond interest rate environment while maintaining the existing term to be paid off by 2028.

Read the full announcement HERE (two page pdf)

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1-16-2013: Board decreases tax extension by $3+ million from last year's tax extension

From now on, each time the District 65 Board of Education considers a call for Closed Session, the agenda will include the specific wording from the Illinois Open Meetings Act that applies to the reason for the session.  The entire list of the exceptions to the Open meetings Act in which closed meetings are allowed begins on page 8 of this document: