The fruit and vegetable bar has been so popular with our students that we have decided to add it to ALL menu choices!

Starting in October all menu options will be the same price and include unlimited fruit and veggies.      


  • Daily Menu Selection with Entrée, Sides and Unlimited Fruit/Veggie Bar       $5.00
  • Second Entrée (an additional portion of the entrée only)                                $2.50
  • Unlimited Fruit & Veggie Bar ONLY                                                                 $2.50
  • Hot Dog (all beef) on a White Wheat Bun and Unlimited Fruit/Veggie Bar     $5.00
  • Turkey & Lettuce Sub on White Wheat Bun and Unlimited Fruit/Veggie Bar  $5.00
  • Soy Spread (peanut/tree nut free) & Jelly Sandwich on White Bread            $5.00
  • Water, mini 8 oz. Bottle                                                                                   $0.50
  • Milk                                                                                                       paid at registration