Welcome to the Choral Activities Page!

The motto of the LBMS Chorus Room is “Every Voice Counts.” Everyone is welcome in chorus! There are no auditions for chorus as the primary goal is centered on students making music together. 

Research findings have determined that arts involvement teaches children many skills necessary to succeed in life including problem-solving and decision-making, teamwork, building self-confidence and self-discipline. 

Students in 6th Grade Chorus can expect to build their singing and movement skills and develop an excitement for singing and performing. Students in 7th Grade Chorus focus on developing proper shape and support while singing and holding more advanced harmonies in addition to furthering their music reading abilities and understanding of music terminology. Students in 8th Grade Chorus work on more challenging literature while developing musical independence and focusing on producing a mature tone, phrasing, dynamic contrast and musicianship. Additional music opportunities are available through 6th Grade General Music class as well as 8th Grade Guitar class.

New ways to integrate cutting-edge technology into the Chorus Room are always being explored. Thanks to a grant from the Alliance for Excellence, a Hybrid Piano and a state-of-the-art recording and sound system are now part our learning community as well as recent enhancements made to our practice rooms. The generosity of the Lake Bluff community and the support of the Fine Arts program is a true gift to our LBMS students!

It is an honor to nurture students’ growth and development in music and the performing arts. Never hesitate to make contact if there is any way that I can be of assistance!

Ms. Ann Cvitkovic 
Director of Choral Activities