Lake Bluff Middle School Clubs & Activities

Part of a well rounded middle school experience is to participate in activities after the school day has ended.  Lake Bluff Middle School has a variety of clubs and activities available to students.  The current list of clubs and activities is outlined below:

Club/ Activity Name Advisor Description
Band Mr. Daryl Beese

The Lake Bluff Band program is committed to providing students with a quality well rounded educational experience. By giving opportunities to all, students learn to enjoy, appreciate, and participate in instrumental music, to experience music for a lifetime.

Chorus Mrs. Anne Cvitkovic

The Choral Music program is designed to enhance the musical, creative and expressive qualities of all students.  Musical opportunities are provided for every child to learn the basic skills of singing, playing and reading music, developing song repertoire, broadening listening skills and experiencing the interrelated nature of music with other cultures and content areas.

Environmental Club Mrs. Kristin Armstrong The Environmental Club helps to bring additional awareness to issues in the school related to the environment.  Students work with parents to provide support for the school's recycling and composting program.
Gamer's Club Mr. Dan Williams

The Gamers Club offers students an opportunity to pursue their interest in a variety of interactive board games.  These games range from the traditional board games to role playing simulation games.

Jazz Band Mr. Daryl Beese The Jazz Band provides students the opportunity to learn about a different type of music, providing them with a more well-rounded experience.
Literary Magazine Mrs. Ana Dunn & Mrs. Krina Huddlestun

The student literary magazine publishes student writing and art in a magazine at the end of each academic year. They meet after school. Contributors will be encouraged submit written work.  Writers and artists welcome!

Musical Mrs. Anne Cvitkovic Each year, the school puts together a music production.  Close to half of the students in the school get involved in one way or another.  If students are not involved as a member of the cast, there are many "behind the scenes" positions available as a member of the crew.  The musical generally takes place in April with tryouts occurring during the winter.
Newspaper Mrs. Brooke McKean The student newspaper is designed to give students another opportunity to expand their interests in writing and expression.
Reach Out Mrs. Darci Johnson

Reach Out is a student service club. Bluffers will participate in various activites throughout the year that support well-being at LBMS and the surrounding communties.

Science Club Mrs. Alyssa Arwady

The purpose of the LBMS Science Club is to spark an interest in science that allows students to explore and question the subject through hands on techniques

Students work as part of a team developing essential communication skills. Often times, in science, new developments and discoveries are not achieved individually. This requires the work and effort of multiple individuals. This club encourages positive team work and thinking outside the box to achieve a common goal. 

Science Olympiad Mrs. Alyssa Arwady

A team of students from LBMS prepare to compete in different science-based events at a local competition. The events include building structures, preparing for labs, and studying information for tests. The competition is held in March.

Student Council

Mrs. Turner &

Mrs. Hines

Student Council members help to serve as a voice of the students and also plan many activities during the school year including dances.
Yearbook Mrs. Mallory Jorgensen This club puts together the yearbook that goes out to all students at the end of each school year.  Club members take pictures, arrange pages, learn about yearbook content, and ensure that the yearbook gets done on time.
You Be The Chemist Mr. Joe Jakcsy

Interested students in every grade can elect to complete a qualifying test in January. The top scoring students represent Lake Bluff at the regional competition. The test and competition require knowledge of chemistry and other sciences.

If you are a student and are interested in starting a new club or organization, please talk with Mr. Blackmer so that he can connect you with an adult in the building who might be interested in supporting your interests.