District 65 Response to Lake County State's Attorney Release of 5/12/2017

The Lake Bluff School District 65 Board remains deeply saddened by the painful events described by former students of Charles Ritz, who taught at Lake Bluff Junior High School between 1975 and 1985.  We appreciate the diligent work of the Lake County State's Attorney and the Lake Bluff Police Department in their investigations of this matter.

With the charge filed today by the Lake County State's Attorney's office, we are hopeful that Charles Ritz will be swiftly brought to justice and held accountable for his actions.  The District cooperated fully with law enforcement officials in their investigations and released to them all documents related to Ritz, his employment in the District and his interactions with students, including personnel records, notes, and memos.  We will continue to cooperate throughout the criminal prosecution of Ritz.

Looking forward, we will remain vigilant in our duty as a School Board to provide a safe and supportive environment for learning.  We will continue to share updates on our assessment of current policies and procedures at future public Board meetings and in directed communications to our parents, staff and community.

Further questions about this investigation should be directed to the Lake County State's Attorney's office.