NWEA/MAP Testing Set To Begin

Online computer with a pencil

Beginning on Monday, September 10, 2018, students in kindergarten through eighth grade will be taking the MAP Growth Assessments for the first time in the 2018-2019 school year.  These assessments are given three times per year in Math and English/Language Arts classes and they help us to better understand how students are progressing through our curriculum.  Here is some information that you should know about the assessments:

  • The assessments take around 45 minutes to complete and students complete the assessments on the computer.  Students in our younger grades generally complete the assessments over multiple shorter sessions.

  • There is really nothing that students need to do to prepare for the assessments (other than getting a good nights sleep and healthy breakfast)

  • The assessments are nationally normed and parents and families will be receiving a copy of their child's score report after the assessments have been completed.

Students will know about the assessment schedule, but if you would like to know when your child will be tested, you can click here for the schedule at LBMS and here for the schedule at LBES (both links open in new windows).  We ask that you help your student by getting them to school on time and making sure that they get a healthy and balanced meal during the days of the assessment.

You can read more about our assessment program on our website by clicking here.