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2012 - 2013 Alliance Grants
Lake County Care's: Sarah's Dream- Read with Me!
Posted on 04/16/2013
The goal of “Sarah’s Dream; Read With Me!” is to improve literacy and foster cross-cultural friendships between children of neighboring communities.   READ MORE...
Portfolio Binders
Language Arts Common Core Growth Binders
Posted on 04/16/2013
These binders allow our 6th graders... 
Ocean Animals Book
Kindergarten Non-Fiction Writing Resources
Posted on 04/16/2013
These resources benefit students by providing engaging, appropriate level text for a variety of Kindergarten readers.  READ MORE...
Canon EOS Rebel T3i Digital Cameras
Digital SLR Video Cameras for Visual Storytelling
Posted on 04/09/2013
The 7th & 8th graders use these cameras for their Visual Storytelling class and to document events at the Middle School.  READ MORE...
Apple TVs
K-8 Technology Infusion for Enrichment Teams
Posted on 04/07/2013
The Enrichment Team partners with grade level teachers to infuse technologies into units benefiting all students.   READ MORE...
Hamilton headphones
Response to Intervention Headphones
Posted on 04/02/2013
These Hamilton MS-2L Personal Education Headphones strengthen student skills in mathematics and reading and allow for individualized student programs.  READ MORE...
Orff Instruments for K-2
Posted on 04/01/2013
19 Orff Instruments, including xylophones and glockenspiels were purchases for K-2 students.   READ MORE...
Rosalind Wiseman-- Jan. 21-22, 2014
Posted on 03/19/2013
Rosalind Wiseman is a nationally renowned speaker on the topics of bullying, social competency, strengthening relationships, ethical leadership, and media literacy.   READ MORE...
Lake Bluff-Lake Forest
Donation to the Community Wellness Task Force
Posted on 03/12/2013
The Community Wellness Task Force was formed in March 2012 when our community was faced with the unspeakable tragedies of multiple teen suicides.  READ MORE...
GenMove materials
GenMove Physical Education Program for K-5
Posted on 02/26/2013
GenMove's K-5 Physical Education programming helps teachers educate the whole student by engaging both body and mind.   READ MORE...
Teacher and students make pizzas
Pizza Garden Grant Helps Plant Seeds
Posted on 10/26/2012
Kindergartners who planted seeds and seedlings last spring in the courtyard at LBES continued their work this fall as 1st graders.   READ MORE...
Accelerated Math Students Attendance to Six Flags Math & Science Day
Posted on 04/10/2012
14 Accelerated LBMS Math Students attended Six Flags Math & Science Day to participate in physics experiments and data analysis.  READ MORE...
termperature sensor
Vernier Probeware for 7th grade Science Students
Posted on 04/10/2012
The Probeware enriches the 7th grade science curriculum and helps students to meet and exceed the State Science Standards  READ MORE...
Docking and Syncing Cart
Increased Ingenuity with iPads for all Kindergarten students
Posted on 04/03/2012
The Charging and Syncing Dock Station Cart allows for the uploading of applications and stories from a single iTunes library to multiples iPads at one time.  READ MORE...
Scroller System
Scroller System for LBMS Stage
Posted on 04/03/2012
The scrollers allow us to change color on the stage to allow for different moods.   READ MORE...
Playaway Audiobook
Playaway Part II: Self-Playing Digital AudioBooks
Posted on 03/27/2012
These audiobooks allow students to listen to an audio book with ease.  READ MORE...
20 Sets of Headphones for each 4th Grade Classroom
Posted on 03/20/2012
With increased access to laptops, the students are able to access Compass Learning without concern for noise levels and distractions.  READ MORE...
Lake County Care's: Read with Me!
Posted on 03/20/2012
The goal of “Sarah’s Dream; Read With Me!” is to improve literacy and foster cross-cultural friendships between children of neighboring communities.   READ MORE...
Historical Fiction Books
Posted on 03/13/2012
The historical fiction books allow for better differentiated instruction in book clubs.  READ MORE...
"Around One Log" book
Eco-Friendly Children's Literature
Posted on 03/06/2012
To support the school’s LEED certification, “green” children’s literature can help all students understand what being “green” means.  READ MORE...
Created books
7th & 2nd Grade Children's Book Project
Posted on 03/06/2012
In this project, 7th graders created children's books on tolerance for the 2nd grade students.  READ MORE...
Virtual Summer Book Clubs
Posted on 02/28/2012
During the summer of 2012, 3rd through 5th grade students participated in online book clubs designed to prevent the "summer slide."  READ MORE...
Outdoor Classroom Blueprint
Outdoor Classroom Blueprint and Teacher Workshops
Posted on 02/21/2012
Nature Explorer Certified Outdoor Classrooms design was completed and teacher workshops for implementing the space were completed.  READ MORE...
Students build robots
5th Graders Build Robots
Teams of 5th grade students worked together to build their LEGO Mindstorms robots  READ MORE...
Students play violins
Fiddles for All
Elementary School music teacher Susan Haugland was the recipient of a grant which enabled ALL 2009/2010 2nd graders to learn to play the violin and expand their musical horizons.   READ MORE...
Math Night at LBES
It was a full house at in the LBES lunchroom again this year. What brought the crowds? It was Family Math Night.   READ MORE...
Fiona using Renzulli
Renzulli Online Learning
Students use the Renzulli Online Learning System to creating online and physical presentations  READ MORE...


Our next Alliance meeting is on Tues., January 7th --
Lake Bluff Middle School Media Center at 7:00 p.m.