Role of Our School Nurses

OUR MISSION: Children's health is a key element in positive educational outcomes. The goal of the School Nurses is to work in conjunction with school staff and families to promote optimal health, emotional well-being and safety of our students. 

The Health Information section on the STUDENT INFORMATION sheets, which parents update each school year, requests important medical information. Please complete this section as accurately as possible, as this information will accompany your child to the hospital if emergency treatment is needed. It also enables the Nurse to understand your child's health needs at school. If there are changes during the school year, be sure to notify the Nurse. This health information is maintained by the Nurse in each building and is kept confidential. Please feel free to contact the Nurse at your child's school, regarding any concerns about your child's health or medical needs. 

Contact the school office for any changes in telephone numbers and emergency contact names. Most of this information is also available in the online School Handbook. Call the Nurse in your child's building if you need more information.