Strategic Plan

For a complete copy of the Strategic Plan, click here (.pdf link opens in a new window) and download the entire Board approved document


In 2013, Lake Bluff School District 65 adopted a new Strategic Plan that outlines a bold vision for the future of the District. A result of nine months of community engagement, the Plan provides a framework for future decision-making that builds upon a common mission, vision, and guiding principles held by the District community.  The plan was revised in 2018 to build upon the successes of the past five years and chart a new, bold path for the future of the District as it moves into the third decade of the 21st century.


To provide each student with quality instruction, learning opportunities, and educational environments that inspire academic achievement, personal growth and responsible citizenship.


Excellence in Education, Enthusiasm for Life, Every Student, Every Day.

Guiding Principles

We Believe:

  • Student Best Interest: The best interests of students must guide every decision.

  • Student Learning: Students learn best when they are actively engaged and inpidually challenged.

  • Quality Instruction: Academic achievement depends on the engagement of high-quality teachers and administrators.

  • Fiscal Discipline: Fiscal discipline strengthens and stabilizes our District and community.

  • Curriculum: A robust curriculum with enhanced curricular offerings promote development of the whole child.

  • Communication: Transparency and communication involving all stakeholders facilitates optimal outcomes.

  • Partnership: Education is a partnership involving students, parents, staff, and community.

  • Continuous Improvement: Continuous improvement requires data-driven evaluation and decision-making.

  • Fine Arts: Quality fine arts instruction and accessibility to all interested students is important.

  • Overall Wellness: Social and emotional wellness of students is integral to the learning process.

  • Technology: Innovative technology and curricular offerings enhance the core learning experience.

  • Facilities: Our facilities should enhance the educational process.

  • Nature of Community: Our District should reflect Lake Bluff’s unique character and community spirit.

  • Shared Partnerships: The school district benefits when it develops partnerships with non-profit groups, profit groups, and other school districts to share resources, services, and ideas.

Goals and Objectives

The goals in this section have been categorized into six strategic areas that emerged through the research phase of the strategic planning process. The Board of Education achieved consensus around the six main goal areas and provided preliminary approval for the objectives listed under each goal. However, objectives may change throughout Phase II as the administrative team develops the implementation plans, which will include tactics, execution metrics, responsible people, timelines and resources allocations.

Goal 1: All students experience a high quality educational program that allows them to grow and achieve.


Goal 1A: All students receive an excellent educational program that allows them to grow at their personal best.

Goal 1B: All students receive an excellent educational program that allows them to achieve at higher levels than before.

Goal 1C: Students who are high achieving experience a high quality educational program that allows them to grow and excel.

Goal 1D: Students learning English will develop language proficiency skills and experience success in our academic programs.

Goal 1E: Students with disabilities experience success in our academic programs.

Goal 1F: Students from low-income backgrounds experience success in our academic programs.

Goal 1G: Students experience a high quality learning program that allows them to demonstrate proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Goal 1H: All students experience strong and significant programming infused with science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.


Goal 2: All students receive a well-rounded curricular program that allows them to develop their interests.


Goal 2A: All students are offered the opportunity to participate in a club, activity, or sport that is of interest to them.

Goal 2B: All students experience high-quality, future focused, curricular programming in the arts.

Goal 2C: All students learn about the importance of leading healthy lifestyles.

Goal 2D: All students have learning experiences in the community that enhances their understanding of the curriculum and allows them to engage in the world around them.


Goal 3: Ensure long term fiscal stability and efficiency.


Goal 3A: Maintain a board policy that sets minimum and maximum fund balances including mechanisms to bring balances back in range.

Goal 3B: Establish metrics to monitor District financial health

Goal 3C: Critically evaluate specific areas of operations for efficiency and customer satisfaction

Goal 3D: Develop a long-term Facility Plan to support student safety, comfort,and learning that addresses, but is not limited to security, energy efficiency, technology,  furniture, and space concerns.

Goal 3E: Improve financial communication within community.

Goal 3F: Maintain a balanced budget


Goal 4: Parents and Families in our community understand what is happening within our school communities.


Goal 4A Parents are involved in the education of their children.

Goal 4B: Parents and families are in communication with the District on important topics.

Goal 4C: Members of our community are in touch with what is happening in our District.

Goal 4D: Our staff indicate that they are involved in the important communications of the District.


Goal 5: Lake Bluff 65 is an active community partner


Goal 5A: Our community partners help us to improve outcomes for our students and identify efficiencies.


Goal 6: The climate and culture within our district leads to strong student learning outcomes.


Goal 6A: Students feel safe and are treated with respect.

Goal 6B: Our staff enjoy working in our schools.

Goal 6C: Parents and families feel comfortable with the education their children are receiving.

Goal 6D: Our students regularly attend school on time.

Strategic Plan Dashboard

For updated information about how we are doing on each of the goals from our Strategic Plan, click here to view our dashboard (link opens in a new window).

How the process worked

Phase I:  Conduct Research

Document the current state of reality and the desired future position of the school district.

  • Conduct focus groups with various faculty, staff, parents, and community members.
  • Review current mission, vision, and guiding principles of the school district.
  • Review archival data and reports provided by the District.
  • Administer surveys of key stakeholder populations, parent and community.
  • Perform rigorous analysis of student achievement data.
  • Review new accountability legislation, ESSA.

Phase II:  Develop Strategic Plan

Create a framework for broad direction and priorities for the future in a formal strategic plan document.

  • Facilitate committee work sessions.
  • Review and confirm the mission and vision for the District and guiding principles for future decision making.
  • Develop the strategic plan document to serve as a broad outline to guide direction for the school district. The Strategic Plan contains:
    • Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles
    • Research Findings
    • Strategic Goals
    • Objectives

Phase III:  Develop Implementation Plan

Develop and document specific steps that will be taken in order to accomplish the goals and objectives identified in the strategic plan.

  • Facilitate administrator planning meetings.
  • Develop the Implementation Plan which contains the following:
    • Objectives
    • Tactics
    • Metrics
    • Timeline
    • Resources
  • Develop District dashboard to monitor progress towards goals.

A living document
This Strategic Plan is designed to be a living document. This means that there will be regular reports to the Board on progress toward meeting these goals. Each year, a final year-end report will target additional objectives that may need to be added, and any other objectives or metrics that may need to be changed. All of the work of the District will stay focused on these actions.  

Thanks to the staff, parents, community members and Goal Team members who participated in this process. The education of our Lake Bluff 65 students, the safety and well-being of students and staff, and the running of a fiscally responsible school district that is an important community participant are vital to our energized, successful community.  

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