Accelerated Placement

The District provides an Accelerated Placement Program (APP). The APP advances the District’s goal of providing outstanding educational programs.  The APP provides an educational setting with curriculum options usually reserved for students who are older or in higher grades than the student participating in the APP.  In Lake Bluff, APP options include:

(a) subject area acceleration- meaning the student is accelerated in one subject area but remains with age-peers for other academic areas.

(b) ‘grade-skipping’ meaning the student accelerates past one whole grade

(c) early entrance to Kindergarten or First Grade

Participation in the APP is open to all students who demonstrate high ability and who may benefit from accelerated placement.  It is not limited to students who have been identified as gifted and talented.  Eligibility to participate in the District’s APP shall not be conditioned upon the protected classifications identified in School Board policy 7:10, Equal Educational Opportunities, or any factor other than the student’s identification as an accelerated learner.

Any parent/guardian may refer their child for Accelerated Placement by completing the application and a release of information.  Early Entrance requests must be submitted between March 1st and July 1st and referrals will only be accepted from families who currently live within school district boundaries. 

Parents/guardians will submit the Parent Application and submit it to the principal at Lake Bluff Elementary School.  For the District to consider Early Entrance into Kindergarten, the child must turn 5 on or before Oct. 31 of kindergarten year and for the District to consider Early Entrance into first grade, the child must turn 6 on or before Oct. 31 of first grade year and must have completed a full year of kindergarten with a licensed teacher. The District will then send a Teacher Questionnaire/Rating Scale to a teacher who has worked with the child within the last six months.

Early Entrance into Kindergarten

Consistent with the Illinois Accelerated Placement Act, the District admits some students early to kindergarten based upon an assessment of his or her readiness to attend school.
​  ​
In order to be admitted early to kindergarten​, students must turn five on or before October 31 and meet certain readiness criteria established by the District.
To be considered for early entrance families must make this request via this form between March 1st and April 1st. After the team reviews the form they will schedule a screening to take place in early May. 

Early Entrance into 1st Grade

To be admitted early to first grade, students must turn six on or before October 31, meet certain readiness criteria established by the District, have been taught by an appropriately licensed teacher in the State of Illinois, and attended kindergarten for a full school year.​