Enrichment Programmming in Lake Bluff

The enrichment team in Lake Bluff School District 65 is passionate about achieving the vision of excellence in education. In 2014, the District partnered with the Northwestern University Center for Talent Development to complete a review of District 65 Gifted and Enrichment programs. After the report was released to the members of the Board of Education, the District embarked on a process of renewing and enhancing our programs for students identified as gifted and talented.

At Lake Bluff School District, we believe in a School Wide Enrichment approach.

School-wide Enrichment can best be described by the following features:

  • Flexible identification process
  • Flexible grouping by interest, motivation, learning style, or task
  • Everyday/all week access to Enrichment
  • Differentiated experiences
  • Consultation between classroom teachers & specialists

The following goals are established to offer a continuum of program services for advanced-level learners:

  • Ensure that enrichment education services are an integral part of the general education program.
  • Provide differentiated instruction and curriculum to enhance student achievement and performance.
  • Recognize and develop diverse abilities and talents.
  • Provide comprehensive professional development for teachers to help them meet the needs of advanced-level students.

What does this look like?

  • Teachers partnering with specialists to provide enrichment services to students in the general education setting
  • Differentiated Instruction: modifying content, process, product, learning environment, and/or assessment.
  • Grade level or subject area acceleration
  • Guided Study
  • Enrichment Menus
  • Compacting curriculum
  • Tiered Instruction
  • Lunch Clubs