Assessment and Data

Lake Bluff School District 65 believes in a fluid process for enrichment identification. Each school year begins with an analysis of NWEA MAP data. These data points serve as a starting place to determine what additional information needs to be gathered. Students performing above the grade level mean across multiple data points demonstrate the need for further review which may result in enrichment.

Additional assessments to determine the ideal enrichment services may include:

  • CogAT
  • Bridges Math Unit Pre-assessments
  • Bridges Math Checkpoints
  • Running Records
  • On Demand writing assessments
  • Unit pre assessments
  • Spelling Inventories
  • Formative assessments
  • Teacher observation
  • Interviews
  • Performance Task
  • Other as needed

Continuum of Services

Identification in Lake Bluff does not align with traditional approaches or the use of a gifted class model parents may have experienced when they were in school. Identification means students have demonstrated a need for something deeper than or beyond the grade level curriculum. Identification does not mean students are pulled from their classroom. This is not a pull-out service delivery model, but rather a collaboration between the classroom teacher and Enrichment Team to personalize and fulfill each student’s needs. Identification also does not mean the student always needs enrichment. This results the need for a push-in support and a coaching model so that enrichment services can be delivered by the classroom teacher as needed.

Our Continuum of Enrichment Services includes:

  • Classroom Differentiation
  • Teacher Coaching
  • Enrichment Menus
  • Guided Inquiry
  • Math Acceleration
  • Grade Level Acceleration ("grade skipping)