Academic Programming By Subject

Wonder what your child will learn in English Language Arts class?  This is the place to find that answer.  Thinking about ordering an extra copy of the textbooks we use for our math program? Check out the math program guides on our math pages.

We've created these pages to serve as a resource for parents and families as well as prospective parents and families to help them to better understand what children will be learning in each class.  In general, our curricula is developed from both the Common Core State Standards and the Illinois Learning Standards.  Our Mathematics and English Language Arts programs are aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards aligned to the Common Core State Standards, our Science program incorporates the NextGen Science Standards, our Fine Arts programs incorporate the National Core Arts Standards and our Social Studies programs are aligned to the Illinois Social Science standards which are based on the C3 Framework, our PE and Wellness programs are build around the Illinois and National Shape America Standards.

At our elementary school, students are exposed to all areas of the curriculum throughout the day and year.  Our teachers are generalists and we have a few specialists who work with our classroom teachers to supplement daily learning.  It's common to see a classroom at the elementary school that is taught by a classroom teacher with a social worker coming in once per week to deliver whole-group social emotional learning lessons.  Similarly, you could find our technology specialists working with our classroom teachers to enrich student classroom learning experiences with STEM learning all throughout the day.

At the middle school, this shifts somewhat.  Our teachers are a bit more specialized and so the students have an experience where they are able to work with a team of teachers in all areas at the same time.  They might have one teacher for science while another teacher teaches them for English/Language Arts.  These teachers meet on a regular basis to make sure that student learning needs are being met all across the board and to ensure that parent communication is clear and consistent.