Social Studies

Our Social Studies curriculum, aligns with the Illinois Learning Standards (link opens in new window) which focuses on teaching all students to be civically engaged, socially responsible, culturally aware, and financially literate.  At its heart, the social sciences explore the relationship between individuals and society, from friends and family to global networks. In a school setting, the disciplines of civics, economics, geography, and history are central to our students’ preparation for college, career, and civic life.

The social studies standards are based on students inquiring about the world around them.  These inquiry standards include the following areas: 
Developing Questions and Planning Inquiries  
  • Constructing Essential Questions  
  • Constructing Supporting Questions 
  • Determining Helpful Sources 
Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence  
  • Gathering and Evaluating Sources 
  • Developing Claims and Using Evidence
Communicating Conclusions and Taking Informed Action  
  • Communicating Conclusions  
  • Critiquing Conclusions  
  • Taking Informed Action

Elementary School


Kindergarten: My Social World  
First Grade: Living, Learning, and Working Together  
Second Grade: Families, Neighborhoods, and Communities  
Third Grade: Communities Near and Far  
Fourth Grade: Our State, Our Nation 
Fifth Grade: Our Nation, Our World

In the elementary school, our students are using resources from the McGraw Hill IMPACT Series.  The series has several key features:


IMPACT Social Studies teaches the art and strategy of inquiry as teachers model how to ask questions and do research. Students learn how to analyze sources and consider multiple perspectives as they think critically about problems, events, places, and people. Each chapter inquiry project is designed to engage students by encouraging them to ask questions and look for answers, while providing opportunities for students to work together collaboratively.


A primary goal of IMPACT Social Studies is to prepare students to become active citizens—both locally and globally—in an ever-changing world. Throughout the curriculum, students are given opportunities to learn about and apply good citizenship practices. The texts and activities focus on developing civic values and democratic principles as students build an understanding of their role in the community, the nation, and the world.

Social Emotional Learning

Social emotional learning (SEL) supports students in managing their emotions as they interact effectively with others and the world. Instruction in SEL is included throughout the IMPACT Social Studies teacher materials, bringing together affective and cognitive learning and social behavior.

Middle School

Sixth Grade: Ancient Civilizations
Seventh Grade: Modern Global Issues & World Geography
Eight Grade: U.S. History 
At LBMS, we utilize Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook as our core resource. Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook builds instruction around complex essential questions that students use to guide their inquiry, analyze issues, and propose solutions to better understand the present. Aligned with the C3 Framework, Social Studies Techbook TM emphasizes key literacy and writing skills and provides a multitude of resources to prepare students for college, career, and a civic life.