Wellness/Physical Education/Health

Every student in District 65 participates in wellness activities for at least thirty minutes per day with the exception of students in pre-kindergarten and half day kindergarten.  Our wellness programs focus on developing healthy individuals and attitudes through participation in fitness and skill development games and activities.  Our programs are aligned to the Illinois Learning Standards (link opens in new window).

Additionally, our wellness teachers have led the way to implement the use of “brain breaks” during the school day.  Brain breaks are three or four minute periods during the school day where students are physically active in the classroom.  Students might dance along to a dance video or take a few minutes to do yoga in the classroom.  These brain breaks have helped all teachers and students to make sure that they are focused throughout the day.  


At LBMS, all three grade levels, 6th, 7th, and 8th take one-trimester of health and two-trimesters of PE. The Health curriculum is an important part of the middle school as it promotes the understanding and the principles of good health and a healthy lifestyle in all aspects of the student’s learning. Health is a continuing activity-based curriculum that coordinates with the National Health Standards. The curriculum is designed to provide students with healthful behaviors and practice life skills that promote wellness. The following units are studied in a scaffolding style throughout the middle school health curriculum: Mental and Emotional Health, Nutrition and Physical Activity, Drug Education, and Human Sexuality.  For healthy teen relationship information click here.