Student Fees

The Board of Education has approved a schedule of fees for every student in the school district.  These fees are updated annually (usually in February) and are typically paid through registration.  Some fees, such as those for athletic teams, entrance to athletic events, field trips, summer school, and other items may be paid through our webstore.  Use the appropriate links below.

Use Push Coin to purchase webstore items, pay off a balance on a student fee (pre-kindergarten, registration, etc.) or add money to your child's account. Pushcoin account setup instructions. Upon leaving the District, remaining balances above $10 will be automaticaly refunded.  Balances below $10 will only be refunded if requested by emailing


Use the web store pay for a camp, sign up for a field trip, purchase a musical ticket, or make a purchase.


You may also apply for a fee waiver or free lunch application by downloading the forms below and returning them to the District Office.

Refunds and proration of Student Fees

For students who move into or out of the District during the school year, student fees will be prorated as follows:
  • Pre-K tuition - monthly with August/September and May/June each counting as one month
  • All other registration fees - 50% refund if withdrawn prior to December 31 / 50% charge if register after December 31.
  • Athletic/Activity Fee - 100% if you withdraw before the first competition or performance.