Student Transportation Information

Lake Bluff School District 65 partners with Olson Transportation to offer bus service for students during the school year.  The District creates bus routes based on those students who have registered for transportation as of July 1 of each year. 

Transportation Fees

Bus Transportation is a fee based service (see current fee schedule).  After the registration deadline of July 1st, bus service for returning students is based on availablility and cannot be guaranteed. Fees for returnings student also double after the registration deadline. Transportation fees will be waived for qualifying families.

Bus Running Late?

In the event that a bus is delayed, the District will make every effort to notify the parents/guardians of the students on that bus of the issue via school messenger.  It is extremely rare that our buses run late, but if they do run late, student tardies are excused.

Refunds for Transportation Fees

Transportation fees may be refunded if a child moves outside of the school district prior to December 31.  To request a refund, please send an e-mail to: (link opens in a new window).

Late/ Activity Buses

Late Activity Buses run most days after school on a standardized route.

The after school activity bus, provided at no-charge, allows students to stay at school and get extra help, participate in an activity or sport, or meet with a teacher.  In an effort to make sure that the route runs as efficiently as possible, we have standardized the route so that the activity bus will run the same route each day after school.  Please note: riding the activity bus might require your child to walk a safe distance after exiting the bus.  We did this so that we could continue to offer the activity bus for free and to alleviate one of the biggest challenges:  confusion caused by constantly changing routes depending on who is riding the bus.
Late/ Activity Buses are available, however due to a lack of drivers we only have one bus per school and the route may take up to 45 minutes.  Please contact the school if you wish to take the Late/Activity bus.

Have Additional Questions?  

If you have questions regarding our student transportation service please contact us at: