COVID Safety

Lake Bluff School District 65 and Quest have spent the summer preparing for a re-opening that ensures the safety of students and staff. 

Students will be eating in their classroom, socially distanced and behind plexiglass shields.  We will offer a limited menu of individually sealed meals to ensure safety and hold temperature during transport. Each meal will be labeled with the student's name and come with a fresh fruit and vegetable (in place of fruit and veggie bar).  All meals must be pre-ordered through at least one week in advance.

Quest Employee Safety and Sanitation Practices
Quest requires all employees, vendors, visitors, volunteers and guests to abide by the recommendations provided by the CDC which include:
•    Staying home if sick.  
•    Checking temperatures daily. 
•    Implementing daily health checks for symptoms. 
•    Dedicated employees to monitor social distancing and increased sanitation guidelines
•    Redesigning workflows to ensure social distancing in our kitchens and work spaces.

Menu and Service Modifications
Quest has made modifications to ensure your meal is served in the safest and freshest way possible.  These service changes include: 
•    Eliminating self-serve stations including salad, veggie and fresh fruit bars. 
•    Purchasing sustainable and earth friendly disposable packaging when available. 
•    Eliminating shared condiment stations and providing individual condiment packets. 
•    Utilizing wrapped cutlery or touchless dispensaries for cutlery. 
•    Pre-ordering for a touchless transaction. 
•    Posting appropriate signage and floor decals to maintain social distancing. 
•    Wearing proper personal protective equipment (PPE) including gloves and masks. 
•    Increasing the frequency for sanitizing our work stations, tools, equipment, and high touch surfaces. 

Classroom Delivery
•    Ensuring the safe holding and transport of food. 
•    Packaging individually, fresh made meals daily. 
•    Ensuring a safe hand-off of meals to the classroom, all those involved wearing PPE. 
•    Assigning specific employees to specific classrooms to minimize number of persons involved with service.

For more information about our safety measures please visit
If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Quest’s District Manager, Rebecca Cohen, or Margaret Black, Food Service Director