Notice of Hearing on E-Learning Days

Board of Education News

Lake Bluff School District 65 will host a public hearing Tuesday, October 29 on an electronic learning proposal for students on days school is closed due to extreme cold, major snowstorms or other emergencies.

District 65's regular school board meeting with an open session will start at 7 p.m. at Lake Bluff Village Hall, 40 E. Center Street, Lake Bluff, IL on Tuesday, October 29.   The e-learning public hearing is scheduled for the middle of the meeting.

E-learning allows students to use electronic devices to do their classroom work away from school. At District 65, e-learning would be part of an overall distance learning program that doesn't require the use of a device for all assignments. The school board is to vote on the e-learning plan after the public hearing.

Please note that we will be having a hearing simply to have the option of using an e-learning day if we need to in the Spring.  There are starting to be more options available to use these e-learning days to replace a weather day that would allow our students a week to turn in their assignments and allow us to furnish interventions for our students that need that support.   We can actually plan ahead and schedule an e-learning day in the future to make up a weather day taken.  In order to allow us the option to even use an e-learning day, our Board of Education has to have a public hearing on this and then vote on a resolution as part of the state procedures to be allowed to use an e-learning day.