Recording of Parenting Through the Pandemic - Fostering Independence at Home: Executive Functioning

Parenting Through the Pandemic

Parenting Through the Pandemic - Fostering Independence at Home:  Executive Functioning

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Executive Function skills impact student performance across all subject areas in school. What can parents do to help their children develop executive function skills? Dr. Bozeday will present an overview of current research from neuroscience describing the impact of the 21st Century influences on students today. She will focus on recent findings related to media use and learning. Dr. Bozeday will also provide recommendations for parents as they work with children at home on these concerns.

Additionally, this presentation will provide parents with practical strategies from the field of Executive Functions to help them guide students at home. Discussion will primarily include strategies for organization and time-management.

Presenter Bio
Dr. Georgia Bozeday, Ed.D. serves as the Director of Education Services at Rush Neurobehavioral Center and as an Adjunct Professor at National-Louis University. She has her Ed.D.from National-Louis University in Curriculum and Social Justice, Post Masters Certification Programs in School Administration, Learning Disabilities, Masters in Early Childhood Education, and her Bachelors from Northwestern University in Speech and Language Pathology. She specializes in a number of areas including Executive Functioning.