Parent Presentation: The Evolution of Inclusion with Dr. Carol Quirk

Parent Presentation: The Evolution of Inclusion with Dr. Carol Quirk

Parent Presentation - Wednesday, September 29 from 6:30-7:30pm
Hosted by District 65, District 67, and District 115

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Dr. Carol Quirk is the Chief Executive Officer of the Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education (MCIE). For the past 30 years, Carol has worked with families, children with disabilities, schools, and district administrations to build the capacity of educators to include all children and youth who belong to the school community. For the last two school years, Carol and MCIE staff have partnered with Lake Forest Districts 67 and 115 to support their ongoing efforts to build inclusive school communities.

Dr. Carol Quirk will discuss how education has changed from a model of labeling and segregating students by perceived abilities to a research-based approach of inclusion and high expectations. With this change, instructional models have evolved to address the varied learning needs of children and youth in a class, such as cooperative learning groups, differentiated assignments, and adapted learning materials. Instead of isolated classes and therapies for those who need advanced or specialized supports, professionals collaborate to integrate supports and services within academic activities. As our knowledge of “what works” in education has evolved, so has the role of educators, parents, and guardians. Challenges and successes will be shared.

Parents/Guardians are invited to submit questions using this form by Tuesday, September 28 by noon.