School Closing & Emergency Alert Procedures

The district operates on the premise that schools are to remain open unless highly adverse conditions exist. A fact that must be accepted is that inclement weather including extreme cold and vast amounts of snowfall are indigenous to this area.

The Superintendent makes the decision to close schools or change schedules due to inclement weather. When there is indication of possible inclement weather, the Superintendent monitors the forecast and consults with:

  • The director of facilities to determine the accessibility to our schools
  • The transportation company to determine if buses will be available
  • The Village of Lake Bluff to determine road conditions and other factors
  • Superintendents of other area school districts

The Superintendent determines whether the students can safely be transported to and from school and whether staff can arrive at school safely. The Superintendent tries to make the decision to open on time, open with a delayed start or close schools by 5:30 a.m.; however, there may be times when the decision must be made later.

A key factor in closing schools due to extremely cold temperatures is the wind chill factor.  The District uses the Wind Chill Chart (link opens in new window) from the National Weather Service as a tool in determining when conditions might be too dangerous for students and staff to arrive at school safely.

Delayed Start/ Early Release

The Superintendent may determine that school may safely be opened late, allowing time for roads to clear and staff and families to arrive at school. All bus pick-up and arrival times will be two hours late. In a delayed start plan, there will be no morning preschool or half-day kindergarten; afternoon preschool classes will run as normal.

Late morning or early afternoon storms present a different set of problems. In very rare cases such a decision may be made to close school early.  In all situations, student and staff safety are at the forefront of the decisions being made.


In the event of a weather-related or emergency closing or schedule change, the District will communicate with parents and families in the following ways:

  1. An email, phone call and text message will be sent via School Messenger.
  2. A message will be posted on the District’s websites
  3. A message will be posted on the District’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  4. A message will be posted on the Emergency Closing Center website (link opens in new window).

When schools remain open during inclement weather, the final decision to keep a child home is the responsibility of each child’s parents. If you keep your child home, please report the absence to the school office and the absence will be excused.