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Notification of Records Destruction

Notification of Records Destruction

Public Posting

July 11th, 2022 

To the LBMS Class of 2016 8th Grade Graduates,

According to Illinois School Code, each school shall maintain student temporary records and the information contained in those records for not less than 5 years after the student has transferred, graduated, or otherwise withdrawn from the school. A school may maintain indefinitely anonymous information from student temporary records for authorized research, statistical reporting or planning purposes, provided that no student or parent can be individually identified from the information maintained. In compliance, Lake Bluff School District 65 will be destroying the inactive temporary IEP records for students who have graduated in 2016.

Students interested in keeping their Special Education records should contact me before August 22nd, 2022. After that date, all remaining records will be destroyed.  Please reach out if you have any questions to Nancy Gullberg at (847)234-9400 or at ngullberg@lb65.org.


Thank you,

Nancy Gullberg


Administrative Assistant 

Student Services Department