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Notice of Public Hearing for eLearning for emergency days

Notice of Public Hearing for eLearning for emergency days

Dear Lake Bluff 65 Families: 

Lake Bluff School District 65 will host a public hearing Tuesday, September 27, 2022 on a renewal of our electronic learning (eLearning) proposal for days our schools are closed due to extreme cold, major snowstorms or other emergencies. 

District 65's regular school board meeting with an open session will start at 7PM at Lake Bluff Village Hall, 40 E., Center Street, Lake Bluff, IL on Tuesday, September 27. The eLearning public hearing is scheduled for the middle of the meeting. 

As a reminder, eLearning allows students to use electronic devices to do their classroom work away from school. At District 65, eLearning would not require the use of a device for all assignments. eLearning is different than remote learning (used during the pandemic lockdowns) in that it would not require the same amount of synchronous instruction over Zoom. The school board will vote on the eLearning plan after the public hearing.

The option to use an eLearning day helps us to keep our last day of school from moving too far into the summer. We understand that parents make plans for summer early in the year, and using eLearning instead of traditional snow days helps us to not interfere with those plans. This year, in the event that we need to close school, this would be our plan:

June 7, 2023 would change to a full day of school instead of a half day, which would count as a make-up day. 

Our second and third emergency days would be eLearning days

Our fourth and fifth emergency days would be traditional snow days (no work required) 

This plan allows us the ability to still have some traditional snow days (should we need all 5 of our allotted emergency days) without having school the week of June 12, 2023, under any circumstance.

Approval of the eLearning plan on September 27 allows us the ability to follow the plan above.

We are all hopeful that we will not have a need for these emergency days at all, and that our school year will be uninterrupted. If you have any questions, please contact either me or one of our building administrators. 

In Partnership, 

Lisa Leali

Dr. Lisa Leali, Superintendent of Schools