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Dive into the world of education and technology and explore the dynamic interplay between technology and learning in our latest podcast episode! 🚀 Discover how digital citizenship is shaping our classrooms, with Kevin sharing insights from his unique transition from law enforcement to a tech guru. 🖥️👮‍♂️ They also discuss innovative strategies to integrate technology into education, preparing students not just for today but as global citizens of tomorrow. Don't miss this engaging conversation on how District 65 is navigating the digital age, ensuring our students are ready to thrive in an interconnected world. 🌍 👉 Subscribe and follow for a weekly dose of inspiration and insight into how we're transforming education, one episode at a time. Don't miss out on the stories that uplift, connect, and celebrate the essence of education in Lake Bluff. 🎧 Listen now to see why District 65 is where education meets inspiration. Your next favorite podcast episode awaits! https://tinyurl.com/yce8vskx